Our Process

When you fill out the contact form on our website, the information is sent to our sales team. We receive inquiries throughout the day and respond as quickly as possible. During the initial conversation, we will cover general information and coordinate the signing of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). After the NDA is in signed, we’ll work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your project. A salesperson will coordinate the effort and usually involve a developer with the required skills and experience to prepare a detailed estimate.

We charge hourly for our services. All of the work product that we produce is owned by the client once all invoices have been paid in full. This includes source code, graphics, documentation, and any other project-specific files created during the course of the project. Our standard software development services agreement is available for you to review at any time during the sales process. Clients and their attorneys often request specific changes which we are usually able to accommodate.

Faircube Consulting takes a very in-depth approach to product and design development.  Our design approach is systematic that can address start-ups and mature business models.  Our professionals utilize today’s standards and platforms to ensure that our system adapts to meet your needs.

In the initial introduction and concept design phase of the project, we capture your functional and visual requirements, competition analysis, and your market analysis.  These are captured through client interviews, strategic plan, brand strategy, and scope of the project. Our professionals will then produce user flows, flowcharts, storyboards, content writing, usability reports, design concepts, branding style guides, prototypes, and design documentation based on the agreed scope of design and development.

Upon verification of prototype, look and feel, and content approval, the product is released and is promoted to the maintenance phase.  In this ongoing phase, you solution is monitored and maintained to ensure that everything works as expected.  Additionally, depending on the maintenance scope, further ongoing updates can be made to keep the solution fresh and up-to-date.