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Informatica Repository Manager

The following are some common questions and answers relating to Informatica.

Q. What type of repositories can be created using Informatica Repository Manager?

A. Informatica PowerCenter includeds following type of repositories :

  • Standalone Repository : A repository that functions individually and this is unrelated to any other repositories.
  • Global Repository : This is a centralized repository in a domain. This repository can contain shared objects across the repositories in a domain. The objects are shared through global shortcuts.
  • Local Repository : Local repository is within a domain and it?s not a global repository. Local repository can connect to a global repository using global shortcuts and can use objects in it?s shared folders.
  • Versioned Repository : This can either be local or global repository but it allows version control for the repository. A versioned repository can store multiple copies, or versions of an object. This features allows to efficiently develop, test and deploy metadata in the production environment.

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