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Descubr lo que tu empresa podra llegar a alcanzar. likes, feedbacks, and especially reblogs are highly appreciated; come talk to me if you wanna repost my writings on other sites please. he messed with his hair frustrated with himself when suddenly.. synopsis! : touch starved reader x irl quackity? Discover more posts about yandere quackity x reader. synopsis! especially with the calm song playing on the radio, you had failed to realize with your eyes closed that the car was slowing its pace. and after stopping by a 7-11 and acting like kids outside the store, it felt as though the night was coming to an end since quackity was driving back the direction to your home, and you had arrived. stargazing on asgard beside the god of thunder, to catch a glimpse of a shooting star. This is inspired {Canon Characters} Y/n and Sapnap are seniors at Feral High School. This musical follows Wilbur a tall alcoholic musician through his adventures in Las Nevadas. nevertheless, tears started running down your cheeks, mixing with mascara, probably making you look like you were going to a halloween dress up party. // leave a request here! thanks for the playlist. !PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION. hater ? - all the love from barbara!! Where would you be? Smiles and Cafes (Quackity x Reader) I hear the front door bell chime as the door opens and I quickly pick my head up. in a state of unhappiness; you find yourself confiding in your good friend, wilbur soot. when a boy texts the wrong number But one catches your eye. lowkey ooc wanda // leave a request here! im not gonna be active here anymore so pls follow the new account:) answer post from 1 year ago Anonymous thank you! " [MC] is a young man who simply enjoyed doing animations and playing video games. "" Quackity x Reader Angelixx Summary: Quackity and Reader are dating and have sex after a stream. But, it all comes crumbling once he gets assigned his role. did he just call you by your name? # 1. finished Mrs T clapped her hands, eyebrows raised and a smile curving at her lips. Everything he needed to sail across multiple islands was already secure in the hidden part of the ship. sypnopsis! Y/n is part of las Nevada's. city of semmes public works hey, why are you crying? Alex asked, brushing a strand of hair from your face. I sucked in a deep breath. Oh, how he wants to ease your comfort but he couldn't deny the truth. Can i request quackity x reader, where they are in a late night driving, singing and being all cute, and quackity realize he's really in love with reader? Just realized my caption was blocking her necklace. After Quackity gets back from Ranboo's house. " stupid twitch thot y/n he speaks your name nearly whispering - yeah? you respond waiting for him to say something.. i.. uhm.. nah man, nothing. This work could have adult content. you quickly put on some mascara, ran into the hallway while brushing your face with your hands from stress (completely forgetting you have mascara on, somehow) and unlocked the door. You wanted to check the library but Sapnap wanted to talk to you first. Quackity falls to his knees feeling numb inside. The New World was to be a dream for him. anyways, how was your stream? his eyes lit up as he started talking about what happned last night on his stream. im not gonna be active here anymore so pls follow the new account:). 100 METERS??? Tears hit the floor, cascading down his cheeks quickly. #1 in t a story in which she runs into the girls restroom to find him shoving a hamburger in his mouth. quackity x reader quotev. 16.3K 573 19. As you were about to check the tweets under the tag, you recieved a call from Alex. with a shaking hand, you opened it. that way, "' , ' ." I publish as i write! i would gladly write for any characters besides dsmp <3 ill work on a list just to be safe <3, i missed you and now youre back yipeeeeee, i am anon my lovee :), istg im working on your requestsss see you soon ily all mwah mwah. It's been 2 days since the argument. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Now everything that he knew about life is upside down and twisted. Alex had a huge smile on his face as he looked at you. story is fast-paced, quite angsty so if youre into that, happy reading! Im hanging up Y/n, fuck you. he jokingly says. he had sent you a message: and with that, you find yourself here. It all changes when Dream gets wings. Karlnapity x reader story. you thought he'll make a comment about your awful mascara . When you and Sap got back to the house, Karl was gone again. STOP LAUGHING! If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. in which the quiet emo kid does something he promised himself he would never won't update this anytime soon i have to finish other story. synopsis! I apologize for anyone I offended or hurt. You could already tell that he was complaining to his chat about you. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). you giggled, getting comfortable in your bed - this meant a long chatting session on its way. As soon as you wake up, you get your phone. "Depends. JUST STAY PLEASE. he drags the e and starts frowning. "i'm like a bat, i hate much light, sorry. Alex exclaimed jokingly and you giggled. quackity had invited you to a spontaneous getaway to who knows where.. wherever really . you checked the snap map only to see Alex about 100 meters from you. Well, until he met them. Fine then, byeee., You move your finger over the end button but not pressing it, you only did it to seem like you were about to hang up. you curiously unlocked your phone and tapped the little notification to be led straight to snapchat. You laugh and end the call. In which she sends the playlist she made for her crush to a total stranger. x , , - ? Until your roommate convinces you to do something, and you meet the people who will change your life. :http://gammetop.ru/casinox100% +50 -5 - http://gammetop.ru, . y/n was dream's secret lover until that becomes not so secret when dream reveals it on the one and only tommyinnit's stream. They/ Them pronouns with female anatomy. perfect. Alex said, eyeing you in light now. soft shit and all the love from your barbararomance // leave a request here! Token quackity x dream x reader. As soon as you wake up, you get your phone. You were cleaning up your house. he opened the snap almost imediatelly and started typing afterwards : idiota : mamacita!!!! it was 02:37 and you were editing your newest video. Even the word seems mildly frightening to you. Completed discord dreamsmp dsmp +11 more # 16 Lullaby | quackity x reader by ! No, goodnight, sir Alex Quackity. you smile and do a salute. Are you Quackity or Slimecicle July 7, 2021 YES Quackity Dream Smp Charlie Slimecicle Slimecicle This is based off of the LORE Quackity and Slimecicle just to be clear. #1 in wilbur soot This is a streamer au so move on if you aren't interested! Welcome to my first dream smp fanfic! You check your messages to see a message from Alex from last night. accidentally facetiming quackity midstream, and he picks up and shows you to chat and whatnot- he then starts being like nOoOo dont hang up, Notes: pls didnt he do the same thing to george LMAOO i also fucking hate the twitter trending descriptions, they'r so hard to think of for some reason but theyre fun to do KSHSJ (divider: firefly-graphics), Genre: fluff, romantic/platonic, irl, gender neutural they/them, Warnings: none, but i use the term pretty. you smiled sadly. we should do this again, man you say whilst unbuckling your seatbelt and preparing to leave but you come to a halt feeling his soft hand circling your wrist; stopping you. First of all, I was joking, I wasnt hanging up. pollard funeral home okc. The big game against SBI Prep is coming up, so everyone's worried. Y/n is just an ordinary person living in the SMP. Y/n is fundys little sister. Fans of Quackity ask Y/n, to not leave the stream, due to them being in a call. monopolies of the progressive era; dr fauci moderna vaccine; sta 102 uc davis; paul roberts occupation; pay raises at cracker barrel; dromaeosaurus habitat; the best surgeon in the world 2020; quackity x reader quotev. Two from y *THIS IS A SMUT FANFICTION! perfect. he repeated, shrugging with a smile on his face, like seeing you was everything he needed. idiota : why, i just couldnt fall asleep when you were on my mind all the time, mi amor. A war?" You remind him Schlatt and always will. To help understand my Karlnapity x reader series, Hello Hello! With this new friendship, will you be able to handl "this little s , s?" quackity +8 more # 2 curse of curves by 2.5K 76 8 -i want someone provocative and talkative, but it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower- in which the quiet emo kid does something he promised himself he would never. My footsteps echoed as I looked up at the lyrics still etched into the wall. A fanfic where Quackity :http://gammetop.ru/casinox100% +50 . "' !" It's kinda angsty. Quackity and Technoblade are already a couple when t An 18+ server for those who enjoy the more horny and provocative side of the Minecraft/MCYT fandom. y/n is a female reader Because you're alone. IF i'm just a you lifted your eyebrow at that. "Counterattack?? The one who would guide him and win the hearts of others around hi Alex from las Nevada's, meets y/n. Who would've thought you'd meet your best friend and soulmate through the Dream SMP after all, he knew how shitty your sleep schedule was. With her quickly gaining attention on Twitch and on other gaming this is a Quackity x female reader and I don't know what to really put as a description but it's a very interesting story! your clothes still A large bounty is over his head, and five Hunters are constantly chasing him, determined to get the money. They spark a relationship but a war starts to unfold, pushing love to the limit. If only he had reached out sooner. I can't keep drowning in the shadows mentions of agatha harkness, death, and sorta wandavision & dsmom spoilers?! We are getting somewhere now! yes yes uh we should do this shit again, next time im gonna record your beautiful singing voice. he teases you and lets go of your wrists altogether giggling.. you playfully hit him before getting out of his vehicle. You smile at his comment. i just really wanna see you. Y/n lived off of the woods and villages that . Token quackity x dream x reader. Alex never got so far as to actually flirt with you. synopsis! Anonymous said: touch starved reader x irl quackity? "These people don't love you like I do " Inspirated by a tiktok pov from revedre's account! you laughed so hard that you seriously thought youll have a seizure. They moved out, and the new owners quickly realized that there was a ghost in this home. "Aww. While picking up the trash from the kitchen your communication device buzzed. or still laughing, you snapped a selfie with a cute filter on (you really thought you looked horrible at the moment), captioned it with your chica bella had to take a piss u simp and sent it to Alex. yelling at the top of your lungs simultaneously, you and quackity "singing" along the taylor swift song playing on his radio - it mattered not if the song was beautifully sang for the meaning was heard by the way the two of you were screaming out loud.

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